The association


Our Association was founded 4 July 1988. We are working for benefits of society disabled persons in Poland. Now, we have about 1000 members. Former President of PADP, Bolesław Ładecki, has leaded Association since 1988 to 2011. He organised four great conferenses in Poland, which presented problems of disabled people in Poland and Europe, and realised a lot of projects. He would use his experience and knowlegde to cooperate with project: :Elderly People with disabilities", too.


Now the President of PADP is dr Katarzyna Kutek-Sładek.

The main objectives of the Association are:

1. impact on social policy and cooperation concerning legal regulation in the field of opportunity equalization of disabled people with the society;

2. inspiration and organising various forms of disability prevention and motorial rehabilitation development;

3. dissemination and organising of regional, national and international sport, recreation and touristic events;

4. inspiration and cooperation concerning the organisation of various forms of education for disabled children and youths on the primary, secondary and academical level;

5. influence concerning the access of disabled people to buildings, means of transport and other infrastructure;

6. support and technical development, popularizing new technology that removes architectural and transport obstacles and the influence on the independent lives of disabled people;

7. initiation and popularizing of scientific researches regarding the disability problem;

8. inspiration and cooperation concerning culture and art development for the benefit of disabled people;

9. impact on state and local institutions in order to create the just standard of living for the disabled;

10. organizing and development of international cooperation in the field of the disability issue;

11. increase of society awareness and respect towards disabled people and their integration with the society.


Association name:
Polish Association of Disabled People
Central Committee in Cracow

Aleja Słowackiego 48, 30-018 Cracow


Bank account:
Pekao SA: 73 1240 4650 1111 0000 5150 9828


Main aims

The main aims of the association these include:

Influencing the forming of social policy and collaborating in order to create laws which support the equal chances and possibilities of disabled people within the society.

Encouraging and organizing the various forms of prophylactics and developing the motion rehabilitation recovering the mental and physical ability.

Popularizing and organizing regional, national and international sport, tourist and recreational events.

Inspiring and cooperating in organization of various forms of education for disabled children and youth at the primary, secondary and higher levels.

Influencing in order to make buildings, means of transport, communication and facilities connected with them more accessible for the disabled people.

Encouraging and collaborating in the organization of scientific research, technical as well as cultural and art development for the benefit of disabled people.

Influencing the national and regional authorities in order to create decent living conditions for disabled people.

Organizing and developing international collaboration in the field of problems connected with disabled people.

Broadening the social awareness and widely understood respect for disabled people and integrating them with the society at the equal rights.